Quarterly journal Studies on Art and Architecture publishes original scholarly papers on art history and theory and visual culture, as well as review articles. Contributions will be considered by the Editorial Board and will be submitted for anonymous peer reviews.

Articles submitted for publication and all editorial inquiries should be addressed to:
(Ingrid Ruudi, Editor-in-Chief)

Articles should run approximately twenty-two pages (about 40,000 characters), with a summary of an additional four to six pages (7,200–10,800 characters).

Illustrations (up to ten) should be supplied as high-quality digital files. The text should include references to illustrations; a full list of captions with relevant data (e.g., information required for reproduction permission to be granted, in case of a reproduction the location of the original, author of photo, year, etc.) must be provided separately at the end of the article.

The references should be formatted in a footnote system, following the tradition of Studies on Art and Architecture. In the text, a person’s full name should be given on first appearance. Quotations, book and journal titles are in normal lettering and in single quotes, phrases and citations in foreign languages in italics. Emphases in the text should be marked with underlining.