2021/3–4 (30)

11–38; >Summary 39–40<

Raili Nugin, Tarmo Pikner. Between Demolition and Monument: The Social Legacy of the Architecture of Collective Farm Centres

41–77; >Summary 78–83<

Anni Martin, Katrin Aava, Esta Kaal. Rethinking the Heritage Construction of Complicated Recent History. A Case Study of Soviet Memorial Ensemble at Maarjamäe

84–109; >Summary 110–111<

Hilkka Hiiop, Robert Treufeldt. Art from the Soviet Armed Forces. Traditions and Legacies

112–142; >Summary 143–146<

Viltė Janušauskaitė. Development of Soviet Lithuania’s Urban Conservation System in the Baltic Context

147–168; >Summary 169–171<

Alexander Bertasch. Construction of Orthodox Churches in Estonia: Formation of Style (1840s–1860s)

172–190; >Summary 191–193<

Hilkka Hiiop, Triin Kröönström, Kadi Polli, Hannes Vinnal. Maalingud Hõreda ja Vääna mõisahoones ja salapärane Paridom Jacob Neus

194–219; >Summary 220–221<

Hilkka Hiiop, Triin Kröönström, Anneli Randla, Signe Vahur, Hannes Vinnal. Christian Ackermann’s Colours and the Tallinn Pharmacy Price List of 1695. An Investigation of Artists’ Materials Used in Wooden Polychromy in the Baroque Era in Historical Context