2021/1–2 (30)

7–33; >Summary 34–38<

Eero Kangor. Art History and the National Discourse: The Establishment of the Chair of Art History at the Estonian University of Tartu and the Election of its First Professor in 1920–1921

39–64; >Summary 65–68<

Krista Kodres. The Hunger for Knowledge and the Need for Dialogue: Art Historians of Estonian SSR Writing to Sten Karling

69–82; >Summary 83–86<

Karolina Łabowicz-Dymanus. The Library of the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences: Mirroring ‘Official’ and ‘Unofficial’ Distribution of Knowledge, 1949–1970

87–104; >Summary 105–110<

Kädi Talvoja. Estonian Art’s International Ties. The Role of the Tallinn Print Triennials

111–146; >Summary 147–154<

Hanno Soans. A Circle of Friends, Relations and Art amidst the Culminating Crisis (1985– 1992) – Quiotism in Transitory Estonia

155–178; >Summary 179–182<

Andres Kõnno, Teet Teinemaa. 150 Years of Old Barney: The Changing Interpretation Horizons Based on the Old Barney Character






Chronicle 1. I – 31. XII 2020